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Via Stoppiaro, 46 Poggio rusco (Mantua)

20 may 2008

The Brondolin farm has been working with an Agriplant tractor-drawn transplanter for our industrial tomato production since 2005.


In fact, it was in this year that we started thinking of converting from manual to automatic transplanting and began looking at the transplanters the market offered.


After testing other solutions, we decided that the Agriplant transplanter was the best option because it is so lightweight and extremely easy to use.


We immediately started with a year of testing, planting out 40 ha in 35 days. The following year, having realised the capabilities of the machine, we increased to 60 ha, in 2007 to 100 ha, and finally in 2008 to 130 ha.


Our transplanter works on fairly clayey soil with excellent results. On average it operates for 60 days with a daily average of 2.5 ha and a water consumption of approximately 4000 litres/ha localised on the row.


In fact, we recommend always using water when transplanting thus avoiding having to irrigate immediately.



Our Agriplant is handled by only 2 workers without needing the support of others. We see automatic transplanting as the only way of planting out tomato plants in industrial quantities. As a matter of fact, transplanting for us has by now become like sowing maize or another crop, manageable by only two workers, and work can be suspended and resumed for various reasons without involving 5-6 persons as is the case with manual transplanting. Moreover, the job is frequently given to immigrant workers who are not always punctual and are often unable to deal with any hitches that come up.


I think that a lot of goodwill has gone into designing this automatic transplanter and that Agriplant is a serious company: every result achieved is owing to the real professionals that work for Agriplant, able and willing to make every effort to achieve the perfect result.


I am still extremely happy with the choice I made, considering the cost saving and the amazing results in yield and quality, and also for having had the opportunity to deal with a Belgian company of entrepreneurial excellence.


Best regards,


Luca Brondolin


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